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The Gay Pimpin' podcast is like an Internet radio show, except that you're in control of when you listen to it. If you have a portable MP3 player, the show can go anywhere you do. The podcast is usually about two hours long, the audio file is about 100 megabytes, and every bit is worth it!

Every week, Jonny McGovern – pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend – brings it to you Gay Pimp style! Coming to you from New York City, Jonny, Linda James and Straighty Martín keep you up to date with the glamour and hijinxs of NYC’s nightlife scene. We’ve also got down and dirty gossip with our LA correspondent, Michael Serrato, interviews with celebrity friends, exclusive dance music premieres, and “What Sophia Lamar Hates” every week.

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Quasi-Regular Segments

Spilling the Tea
Listen to what Jonny, Linda, and Martín have been up to all week.

Celebrity Donkey Punch
Our non-reality based imagineerings inspired by the blatant lies that the tabloids have delivered to our door steps.

Music Premières
Listen to new music from Jonny, La'Mady, TEAM PIMP, Adam Joseph, Maxine Inniss, and many other fantasic homos.

Episode Archive

We've done over 50 hours of the gayest, retardedest, and dirtiest podcasting the Internet has ever seen. Check out our Archives!

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