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Cycle Five

June 26, 2007
Pride! A deeper love (whoa whoa whoa whoa). Happy Pride 2007! Jonny, Linda, and Martin reflect on the holiday. We play "Oooh, I Think You're Shitty Bitch!" once again, along with Limp Wristed's "I'll Cut'cha Bitch..." And Sophia, uncharacteristically, claims to hate a major parade held in NYC in June. Care to guess which one? Brought to you by PartySmart.
June 19, 2007
Junior Vasquez Music recording artist, Jason Walker kicks off the first "New Music at Your Leisure" segment along with super producer, Steve Alexander. Nita and Xander drop in to discuss some important nightlife issues, Sophia Lamar hates to hate and Adam Joseph visits to sing the praises of PartySmart! Brought to you by PartySmart.
June 12, 2007
Cycle 5 comes alive! The premiere episode features pop stars, The Ones as well as tranny YouTube sensation, SARGENT BEVERLY. We've got a full studio with Ericka Toure and Krunk in attendance. Sophia Lamar tells us what she hates for summer, and Chocolate Puddin' stops by with a special surprise. Brought to you by PartySmart.